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The Best Of 2005 - part 4

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The list of my favourite singles from 2005 has so far included more entries from bands than I think have ever been in one of my year-end charts. Well, fear not - order is restored in my top 25.

Lisa and Jess... or Jess and Lisa brought power pop to Australia in 2005

Almost half of the songs in this batch are by teen and twentysomething female singers - none of whom are called Britney or Christina, who both pretty much had the year off. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Number 25 "Heartbeat" by Annie
To start us off, a young female vocalist from Norway who'd gained attention for her Madonna-sampling track "The Greatest Hit", and proceeded to work with Richard X (on 2004 single "Chewing Gum") and R√∂yksopp for this second single from the Anniemal album. Anne Strand would be the first of many Scandi synthpop singers and acts with regular appearances on my year-end countdowns in the coming years.

Number 24 "Doctor Pressure" by Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine
In Part 2, I mentioned Mylo's Boy Meets Girl/Bonnie Tyler mash-up, "In My Arms", which was kind of overshadowed by all the other love for "Waiting For A Star To Fall" in 2005. The Scottish producer may have lucked out on that front, but he struck gold when he teamed his own track "Drop The Pressure" with Miami Sound Machine's first English-language hit, "Dr Beat". The two songs worked perfectly together, giving Mylo his biggest hit and returning Gloria Estefan to the Australian and UK charts for the first time since the late '90s. Strangely, not much has been heard from Mr Myles MacInnes since.

Number 23 "Incomplete" by Backstreet Boys
Four years is a long time in boy band terms, and so it definitely felt like a real comeback when Backstreet Boys returned with their first new music in four years and their first new studio album since 2000's Black & Blue. Titled Never Gone, that album was a nod to BSB's absence - and it seems the time away did make the hearts of fans fonder with lead single "Incomplete" becoming their first number 1 single in Australia and their biggest US hit since "Shape Of My Heart". Like Duran Duran's comeback, interest dropped off pretty quickly and second single "Just Want You To Know" (number 54 on this list) didn't perform anywhere near as well - except in the UK, where both it and "Incomplete" peaked at number 8.

Number 22 "All About Us" by t.A.T.u.
Here's a comeback few would have expected given the rate at which the wheels appeared to be coming off the t.A.T.u. project prior to the release of their second album, Dangerous And Moving. But despite all the controversy that never seemed too far from the Russian duo, they came up with the musical goods once again - with a little help from the songwriting skills of an act that's still ahead on this countdown. "All About Us" may not have been a very big hit in Australia, but it went top 10 in the UK and across Europe, proving Lena and Yulia weren't quite done.

Number 21 "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" by Rachel Stevens
Mentioned below

Number 20 "Signs" by Snoop Dogg featuring Justin Timberlake & Charlie Wilson
As prolific a performer and collaborator as Snoop Dogg had been since his 1993 debut with "What's My Name?", it had taken until 2003 for him to release or feature on a song that I liked - the track in question: "Beautiful". Even then, it didn't make my top 200 for the year, but in 2005, "Signs" became the single that finally made the grade for me. Obviously, a lot of that had to do with the participation of guest singers Charlie Wilson, whose Gap Band track "Early In The Morning" was revisited on "Signs", and Justin Timberlake, who at that stage hadn't quite become the voice for hire he would later turn out to be.

Number 19 "First" by Lindsay Lohan
What a difference a decade can make. In 2005, people were talking of Lindsay Lohan as a triple threat; these days, when her name and the word threat are used in the same sentence it's usually the risk of the disgraced actress/singer facing jail time or another stint in rehab that's being referred to. But, fresh from her success in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, Lindsay was on top of the world in 2005, launching a music career to sit alongside her acting work. Her two careers went hand-in-hand on the Ashlee Simpson-ish "First", which appeared on the soundtrack to her film, Herbie: Fully Loaded. And, although Lindsay had bigger hits - especially in Australia, where both "Rumors" and "Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Father To Daughter)" went top 10 - this is the only single of hers I like.

Number 18 "Everyday I Love You Less And Less" by Kaiser Chiefs
Mentioned below

Number 17 "La La" by Ashlee Simpson
It's no wonder "First" bore more than a passing resemblance to the music of the younger Simpson sibling - the writers and producers of the Lindsay Lohan song were behind much of Ashlee's music, including this third single from her debut album, Autobiography. Those names? Future American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi and pop/rock hitmaker John Shanks. The difference between the two young starlets was that as Lindsay started to go off the rails around this time, Ashlee put one controversy behind her with a return, incident-free visit to Saturday Night Live in 2005.

Number 16 "Let Me Love You" by Mario
He'd signed a record deal at 14, released his first album while he was still 15 and enjoyed a global smash with this track aged 18 - but young Mario Barrett may just have peaked a little too early, as nothing he's released since "Let Me Love You" has come anywhere near the success of this nine-week US chart-topper. Meanwhile, the track provided a breakthrough for its songwriter, Shaffer Smith - soon to be known to the world as Ne-Yo.

Number 15 "Precious" by Depeche Mode
Previously featured here

Number 14 "Crazy" by Andy Bell
Even a long-time Erasure devotee like me had to admit that the synthpop duo hadn't released a decent single in eight years. Then, in 2005, not only did Vince Clarke and Andy Bell restore my faith in them with "Breathe" (number 26 on this list), but Andy struck out on his own with the fantastic solo album Electric Blue. Several singles could - and should - have been released from the album, but I had to make do with "Crazy" and one other, which we'll see in my 2006 countdown.

Number 13 "Seven Days In Sunny June" by Jamiroquai
Mentioned below

Number 12 "I Predict A Riot" by Kaiser Chiefs
It was fairly unlikely I'd become a fan of shouty band Kaiser Chiefs - especially since I'd remained fairly oblivious to Britpop throughout the '90s. But even though Employment, the debut album by the Leeds band, was produced by Stephen Street, who'd helmed Blur's Parklife (among other albums), and had that British lad sensibility about it, there were enough elements from genres I did like for the band to pique my interest.
Plus, their songs were pretty damn catchy. "I Predict A Riot" was a UK hit on its second attempt in 2005, while other tracks "Everyday I Love You Less And Less" (number 18 on this list), "Modern Way" (number 79) and "Oh My God" (number 91) kept them in the British chart throughout the year.

Number 11 "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson
Having made the world sit up and really take notice with "Since U Been Gone", Kelly solidified her post-Idol career in 2005 with two more massive hits - "Behind These Hazel Eyes", which was another Max Martin/Dr Luke special, and big ballad "Because Of You" (number 63 on this list), an original composition Kelly worked on with ex-Evanescence members Ben Moody and David Hodges, and had to fight to get on to the Breakaway album. In the case of the latter, the song's worldwide top 10 success proved Kelly was not just some reality show puppet and very much knew what she was doing.

Number 10 "One Word" by Kelly Osbourne
I do realise the injustice of the supremely talented Kelly C being one place lower than Kelly Osbourne, who's hardly known for her vocal ability. But the appearance of "One Word" on this list is entirely down to the skill of songwriter and producer Linda Perry, and the fact that the layers of synths on the track not only made Kelly's limited range insignificant but also were a vast improvement on the Avril-lite sound of the reality star's earlier musical attempts. Like most things the Osbourne family put their name to, "One Word" came complete with its own controversy, with the similarity of the track to Visage's "Fade To Grey" causing that song's writers to take legal action, before agreeing to an out-of-court settlement. And while it's the last time she has released a single, Kelly's unexpected chart success (especially in the UK) may have provided encouragement for Paris Hilton to think that she, too, could inflict music onto the world - which she did the following year.

Number 9 "Jetstream" by New Order featuring Ana Matronic
New Order fans were really being spoilt in the first half of the '00s after being starved of new music by the synthpop legends for so long. Waiting For The Siren's Call was the second new album since their 2001 return, and the band - who were now without founding member Gillian Gilbert - sounded as good as ever. I actually rate the album higher than Get Ready, although the choice of singles left something to be desired. Besides "Jetstream", which featured Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic on guest vocals, the two other official singles, "Krafty" (number 85 on this list) and the title track (number 107), sounded too much alike. And, the far superior "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion" (number 38) was only a promotional release. Still, beggars can't be choosers - and little did we know that this would be the final New Order album for some time.

Number 8 "So Good" by Rachel Stevens
She wouldn't have been my first pick for the most successful solo artist to emerge from S Club 7, but by 2005, Rachel Stevens was turning out to be a pretty reliable hitmaker. And, in "So Good" and "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" (number 21 on this list), she released her two best singles to date. However, while the songs both performed adequately in the UK, the accompanying album, the critically well-received Come And Get It, didn't prompt that many people to do as the title suggested, peaking just inside the UK top 30. All has been quiet on the music front for Rachel ever since, with reality TV and starting a family keeping her busy instead.

Number 7 "A Little Too Late" by Delta Goodrem
From a purely commercial point of view, the release of Innocent Eyes could not have gone better - but when it came to Delta's follow-up, Mistaken Identity, things didn't go so smoothly. First single "Out Of The Blue" duly became her sixth number 1 in Australia - something that was pretty much a given following Delta's health issues and very public breakup with tennis star Mark Philippoussis. For me, it wasn't her best single, but its lyrics made it an appropriate return to the scene. 
However, when she followed "Out Of The Blue" up with the album's title track, "Mistaken Identity", a difficult song that would have been better left as an album track, her run of chart-toppers came to a crashing halt. "Mistaken Identity" reached number 7 and by the time this fourth single - far and away the best track on the album - was released, Delta couldn't even crack the top 10.

Number 6 "4Ever" by The Veronicas
When they weren't busy co-writing "All About Us" for t.A.T.u., twins Lisa and Jess Origliasso were taking Australia by storm with this Max Martin and Dr Luke composition. How did two 20-year-olds from Brisbane snag a song by pop's top songwriters and producers (not to mention end up writing a song for another female duo on the other side of the world)? Good management, who also got The Veronicas signed to Warner Bros in the States and made into a global priority for the label - although it took the rest of the world a lot longer to catch on to the duo.

Number 5 "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance" by Jamiroquai
I seemed to be one of the only people still interested in Jamiroquai by 2005, with "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance" and "Seven Days In Sunny June" (number 13 on this list) missing the Australian top 50 and paying the very briefest of visits to the UK chart. That said, the album from which they were taken, Dynamite, reached number 3 in both countries and sold a decent amount of copies - but interest in the acid jazz band was definitely on the wane.

Number 4 "Hung Up" by Madonna
Previously featured here

Number 3 "Crazy Chick" by Charlotte Church
Her 2003 appearance on "The Opera Song", a track by trance act Jurgen Vries, was the first indication that teen classical star Charlotte Church might have an interest in releasing music other than arias and Christmas carols - so it wasn't a complete surprise when the Welsh soprano went pop in 2005. This lead single from her Tissues And Issues album was a runaway success in the UK, where it reached number 2, while the parent album became her highest-charting release since her very first album, Voice Of An Angel, which had been released when she was 12. Follow-up "Call My Name" (number 34 on this list) also hit the UK top 10.

Number 2 "Biology" by Girls Aloud
Mentioned in Part 3 and previously featured here

Number 1 "An Honest Mistake" by The Bravery
In a year when I liked more than my normal share of bands, it's only fitting that my favourite song for the year is from one of them. The Bravery, however, were not favourites of the band that had arguably started the whole rock-meets-New Wave sound: The Killers, with singer Brandon Flowers accusing The Bravery of riding on their coattails. Whether or not The Bravery would have been signed without the success of The Killers is debatable, but what isn't up for question, as far as I'm concerned, is the fact that The Bravery had good songs. Pulsating debut single "An Honest Mistake" was followed by "Fearless" (number 40 on this list) and "Unconditional" (number 42), all three singles taken from the band's self-titled album.

My top 200 for 2005 in full:

1          AN HONEST MISTAKE The Bravery
2          BIOLOGY Girls Aloud
3          CRAZY CHICK Charlotte Church
4          HUNG UP Madonna
5          (DON’T) GIVE HATE A CHANCE Jamiroquai
6          4EVER The Veronicas
7          A LITTLE TOO LATE Delta Goodrem
8          SO GOOD Rachel Stevens
9          JETSTREAM New Order featuring Ana Matronic
10        ONE WORD Kelly Osbourne
11        BEHIND THESE HAZEL EYES Kelly Clarkson
12        I PREDICT A RIOT Kaiser Chiefs
13        SEVEN DAYS IN SUNNY JUNE Jamiroquai
14        CRAZY Andy Bell
15        PRECIOUS Depeche Mode
16        LET ME LOVE YOU Mario
17        LA LA Ashlee Simpson
19        FIRST Lindsay Lohan
20        SIGNS Snoop Dogg featuring Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson
21        I SAID NEVER AGAIN (BUT HERE WE ARE) Rachel Stevens
22        ALL ABOUT US t.A.T.u.
23        INCOMPLETE Backstreet Boys
24        DOCTOR PRESSURE Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine
25        HEARTBEAT Annie
26        BREATHE Erasure
27        NATURAL Infusion
28        WHY DO YOU LOVE ME Garbage
29        A PAIN THAT I’M USED TO Depeche Mode
30        DO YOU WANT TO Franz Ferdinand
31        BAD DAY Daniel Powter
32        RAIN / BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER Anthony Callea
33        BETTER LUCK Scissor Sisters
34        CALL MY NAME Charlotte Church
35        YOU NEVER KNOW Marly
36        LOVE ON MY MIND Freemasons featuring Amanda Wilson
37        S.O.S. A Studio featuring Polina
39        IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU paulmac featuring Ngaiire
40        FEARLESS The Bravery
41        SOMEWHERE ELSE Razorlight
42        UNCONDITIONAL The Bravery
43        YOU AND ME Uniting Nations
44        LONG HOT SUMMER Girls Aloud
46        SUNSHINE EYES paulmac featuring Peta Morris
47        SEASONS OF LOVE Cast of Rent
48        SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT The Killers
50        WAKE ME UP Girls Aloud
51        YOU GONNA WANT ME Tiga
52        SHE’S NO YOU Jesse McCartney
53        COOL Gwen Stefani
54        JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW Backstreet Boys
55        SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE Freeloaders featuring The Real Thing
56        RUN BABY RUN Garbage
57        DO IT 2NITE Rockefeller
58        TAKE ME AWAY Stonebridge featuring Therese
59        BEAUTIFUL SOUL Jesse McCartney
60        THEY Jem
61        RICH GIRL Gwen Stefani featuring Eve
63        BECAUSE OF YOU Kelly Clarkson
64        LONELY NO MORE Rob Thomas
65        I’LL BE OK McFly
66        BECAUSE YOU LIVE Jesse McCartney
67        1 THING Amerie
68        BE WITHOUT YOU Mary J Blige
69        STRINGS OF LIFE (STRONGER ON MY OWN) Soul Central featuring Kathy Brown
70        STAR2FALL Cabin Crew
71        LAY YOUR HANDS Simon Webbe
72        STRANGE LOVE Phixx
73        DON’T PHUNK WITH MY HEART The Black Eyed Peas
74        JERK IT OUT Caesars
75        DON’T LIE The Black Eyed Peas
76        UGLY Sugababes
77        FILTHY/GORGEOUS Scissor Sisters
78        SEX IS NOT THE ENEMY Garbage
79        MODERN WAY Kaiser Chiefs
80        WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW Duran Duran
81        WONDERFUL LIFE Tina Cousins
82        STICKWITU Pussycat Dolls
83        BEEN GOOD Deepface
84        NICE Duran Duran
85        KRAFTY New Order
86        ROUND AND ROUND Amiel
87        ALL THE WAY Craig David
88        1, 2 STEP Ciara featuring Missy Elliott
89        VOODOO CHILD Rogue Traders
90        I LIKE THE WAY BodyRockers
91        OH MY GOD Kaiser Chiefs
92        LOVE GENERATION Bob Sinclar featuring Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine
93        NO WORRIES Simon Webbe
94        SUDDENLY I SEE KT Tunstall
95        I WANNA HOLD YOU McFly
96        GET YOUR NUMBER Mariah Carey
97        SUNSHINE Ricki-Lee
98        WE BELONG TOGETHER Mariah Carey
99        CAUGHT UP Usher
100      PUSH THE BUTTON Sugababes
101      SURRENDER Brand New Heavies
102      CELICE a-ha
103      AVALON Juliet
104      DAKOTA Stereophonics
105      A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Liberty X
106      YOU RAISE ME UP Westlife
108      I WANT YOU Paris Avenue featuring Robin One
109      TAKE IT Tom Novy & Lima
110      NUMBER ONE Goldfrapp
111      GO GONE Estelle
112      DARE Gorillaz featuring Shaun Ryder
114      SONG 4 LOVERS Liberty X featuring Reverend Run
115      SWITCH IT ON Will Young
116      HARD TO BEAT Hard-Fi
118      NASTY GIRL Inaya Day
119      TILT MY HAT Andy J
120      TURN ON THE MUSIC Roger Sanchez
122      FREAK ON Stonebridge featuring Ultra Nate
123      PERFECTION Dannii Minogue / Soul Seekerz
124      NEED TO FEEL LOVED Reflekt featuring Delline Bass
125      GIVING YOU UP Kylie Minogue
126      OOH LA LA Goldfrapp
127      MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX) Midnight Star
128      I SEE GIRLS Studio B
129      FEEL GOOD INC Gorillaz
130      WHO IS SHE 2 U Brandy
131      JUST LET GO Fischerspooner
132      I JUST WANNA LIVE Good Charlotte
133      A KICK IN THE TEETH / ALL WE ARE Fischerspooner
134      WINTER DT8 Project featuring Andrea Britton
135      JUST A RIDE Jem
136      GET RIGHT Jennifer Lopez
137      RUN IT Chris Brown
138      HOLLABACK GIRL Gwen Stefani
139      MUST GET OUT Maroon 5
140      TEARY EYED Missy Elliott
141      SOFA SONG The Kooks
142      BREATHE IN Lucie Silvas
143      SOMETHING ABOUT YOU Live Element
144      WRAP MY WORDS AROUND YOU Daniel Bedingfield
145      EDDIE’S GUN The Kooks
147      GHETTO GOSPEL 2Pac featuring Elton John
148      IT’S LIKE THAT Mariah Carey featuring Fatman Scoop
149      NEVER WIN Fischerspooner
150      CHECK ON IT Beyonce Knowles featuring Slim Thug
151      GOLD DIGGER Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx
152      DON’T CHA Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes
153      DON’T GIVE IT UP Lemar
154      SHAKE IT OFF Mariah Carey
155      WISH I Jem
156      SLOW DOWN Bobby Valentino
157      SERIOUS Pop!
158      SEE THE DAY Girls Aloud
159      TOUCH Amerie
160      HERE I GO AGAIN Mario
161      DANCE WITH ME Estelle
162      DON’T LOVE YOU NO MORE (I’M SORRY) Craig David
163      DON’T SAY YOU LOVE ME Erasure
164      IN MY ARMS Mylo
165      KEEP THIS FIRE BURNING Beverley Knight
166      DON’T FORGET ABOUT US Mariah Carey
168      WALK ON BY Seal
169      OH OH Guy Sebastian
170      DO SOMETHIN’ Britney Spears
171      IN PUBLIC Kelis featuring Nas
172      LOVERS AND FRIENDS Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz featuring Usher & Ludacris
173      GIRL Destiny’s Child
174      FEELS JUST LIKE IT SHOULD Jamiroquai
175      SWITCH Will Smith
176      OH MY GOSH Basement Jaxx
177      GALVANIZE Chemical Brothers
178      BACK TO BASICS Shapeshifters
179      GETAWAY Texas
181      RAINING AGAIN Moby
182      WE WILL BECOME SILHOUETTES Postal Service
183      ALMOST HERE Delta Goodrem / Brian McFadden
184      N DEY SAY Nelly
185      SHINE The Lovefreekz
186      MOVE IN MY DIRECTION Bananarama
187      YOUR BODY Tom Novy
188      BEVERLY HILLS Weezer
189      LOSE CONTROL Missy Elliott featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop
190      LUXURIOUS Gwen Stefani
191      WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME Westlife featuring Diana Ross
192      STAND UP FOR LOVE Destiny’s Child
193      HOW COULD YOU Mario
194      BE STRONG Delta Goodrem
195      OVER AND OVER Nelly featuring Tim McGraw
196      FLYING HIGH Jem
197      ELECTRIC Lisa Scott-Lee
198      LIFT ME UP Moby
200      WHY GO? Faithless featuring Estelle

That's it for 2005 - and, as we come into July 2014, I'm halfway through my plan to cover my personal charts for 2000-2011 on this blog by the end of this year. Expect 2006 before the end of July - but before then, we'll return to 1989 for my look back at the ARIA charts of 25 years ago and I may even tackle my one-hit wonders of the '90s posts.

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  1. I loved 'Doctor Pressure'... and the concept of turning a totally 'uncool' artist like Gloria into a dance diva. The mash-up video was great, too.